Important Customer Care Bulletin – Crestron App


On July 7, 2020, Crestron released an update to the Crestron App v1.05.50 to v1.05.63. The reason for the update was to accommodate a requirement to enable Super Retina resolution support.

Following the launch, we discovered additional issues and immediately removed version 1.05.63 from the App Store. Due to this new Super Retina requirement, we are unable to revert to the Crestron App v1.05.50 on the App store. The fix for this issue was not a simple one. It required us to take a different direction.

We are introducing a new app, Crestron Go and Crestron Go – Tablet. The Crestron Go platform now supports Super Retina and contains the fixes for the customers that experienced issues with the update to the Crestron App v1.05.63.

Customers who currently have the Crestron App v1.05.50 are not impacted.

Customers who received the Crestron App v1.05.63 download and are experiencing issues should upgrade to the Crestron Go platform. Before upgrading, please verify that all scaling and projects are performing as expected, as the project file may require adjustment.

Crestron will be providing the Crestron Go in-app purchase upgrade at no charge until August 31, 2020. Your customer will need to download the app and purchase the in-app upgrade for $0.00.

The Crestron Go app was posted to the App Store on 7/29 (NJ,USA). It may take a few hours to become visible in your region.

Thank you for your continued partnership with Crestron.

Crestron Go: App Store

Crestron Go for Tablet: App Store
Attachments: crestron_go_for_ios_1.00.04_release_notes.pdf (163.15 KB)

大概意思就是升级软件出了较大 BUG ,由于 APP STORE 的机制不能回滚,所以发布了新的软件,目前内购免费直到 2020年8月31日。需要的赶紧咯,毕竟这种机会(限免)是第一次。

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